Feb 25, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY / kisses from Austria!

Hi there people! Just as I promised, here are some snapshots of the beautiful mountains of Austria. I'm so glad to be on my snowboard again and I'm enjoying these days to the fullest. Unfortunately we've only had one sunny day yet, but that doesn't hold us back. Besides snowboarding I've also done a lot of drinking (gotta love jagermeister), eating and sleeping haha. As much as I love wintersport, it isn't exactly relaxing and I'll probably be more tired at the end of this holiday than I was at the beginning. Anyways, this is just a quick update to let you know I'm still alive. Next week I'll be home again and I will try to take some outfit shots as soon as possible!

Are any of you (going) on wintersport?

Feb 19, 2015

FASHION / comfortable yet feminine

blouse - vintage | dress - cos | bag - oasap | shoes - vagabond

About my life. Ohmyyyygooood my wintersport holiday is almost here! I'm leaving tomorrow night and if everything goes as planned, I'll be on my snowboard Saturday morning. But, before I'm heading for a 1-week-long party, I'll have a small one tonight as well. Last December one of my friends turned 18 and after a lot of misplannend dates, we're now finally taking her to a cocktailbar. I don't know about you, but I love cocktails. If they weren't so expensive I would probably be drinking them every weekend haha.

About the outfit. This is probably one of the most comfortable, yet feminine, outfits I can make with all the clothing in my closet. It's perfect for a long day at school or a long bus ride (like the overnight bus ride I'm taking to Austria tomorrow). Anyways, I got some compliments on this dress and it inspired me to mix and match with it some more. I'm already starting to feel my blogger dip wander! Which reminds me; thank you all for the comforting comments on my last post! You guys are still the reason why I love blogging so much!

The coming week I'll be in a hotel and I will try to update the blog with some gorgeous photographs of the mountains while I'm there. But, you never know what the Wifi is like.. So if you want to stay up to date, follow my instagram!

Feb 16, 2015

FASHION / speaking of valentines day

sweater & dress (worn as skirt) - oasap | bag - vintage | shoes - vagabond

Guys, I'm sorry that it has been a bit quiet on the blog lately. I don't know what it is, but I'm experiencing a blogger block, blogger dip or whatever you'd like to call it. Due to school and house hunting I'm tired and stressed out a lot of the time. And not only is it hard to find time to take pictures, my level of inspiration has also sinked to a low level. Maybe I'm just in need of a new fashion season (spring hello come here asap!!) and lots of new clothes haha. Luckily , next week I'll have a week off and I'll be releasing all my stress in Austria on my snowboard. Oooh I really cannot wait! Oh and my birthday is coming up as well, the first of March I'll be turning 19 already. Gosh time flies by so fast. Anyways, hopefully my mind is all cleared up and full of inspiration after my trip so I can focus some more on blogging again! 

About this outfit. This is an old outfit which I'd never posted because I don't like it th├ít much. However it is kind of valentinish so in the  name of love I thought I'd post it anyway. 

And speaking of valentines day and love, how was your valentinesday? 

Feb 12, 2015

INSPIRATION / frayed jeans for spring

source photographs - various tumblres | jeans 1jeans 2 & jeans 3

Today I want to show you guys some inspiration on a current, or upcoming, trend which I really like; frayed jeans! If you've read some magazines or blogs lately, you've probably noticed the flared jeans trend, which I personally love on others but wouldn't wear myself that quickly. However, the frayed jeans trend is something I would wear myself, and therefore I thought it would be nice to share some gorgeous versions of this trend with you! Besides the fact that the frayed ends make the jeans look more nonchalant and spring/summerish, they're also easy to make as a DIY. Just take an old pair of jeans and find a quick and easy DIY on Pinterest or any other website/blog. But, if you're like me and don't have any old jeans laying around in your closet (or you're just too lazy to do a DIY), you can of course buy a nice pair as well. Above you can see my 3 favourite ones. Maybe I'll order one of these as soon as I got a nice pair of heels to combine them with haha! 

What do you think about the frayed jeans trend?

Feb 9, 2015

FASHION / casual x chic

cardigan - new look | blouse - forever 21 | pantalon - topshop | belt - vintage | shoes - vagabond

So you know what sucks? Ordering a pair of heels in two different sizes to make sure one of them will fit, and ending up with no new heels because BOTH sizes didn't fit. I'm talking about the most gorgeous heels from asos which I ordered last week and received a few days ago. Excited as I was (I even had a dream about these heels, wow) I was sure that either size 38 or 39 would fit me perfectly. But my hopes and dreams got destroyed as soon as I tried them on. Of course 39 was too big and 38 was too small, which immediately made me hate my feet because why, why?!? What do you mean first world problems haha. Anyway, the day after I went to Rotterdam to see if I could find a nice pair of heels there, but sadly I couldn't. So instead of wearing heels with this pantalon, as I planned, I'm wearing my boots like always. Not that I don't like my vagabond boots anymore, but I just feel the need for something new!

And that's it for now!

Feb 6, 2015

FASHION / showing some skin

blouse - urban outfitters | sweater & jeans - h&m | belt - vintage | socks - new look | shoes - vagabond

Brrr it has been so cold here in The Netherlands the last few days! As you can see there's even snow, and although it's not much it does indicate a temperature of below zero. Which is, in my opinion, not very comfortable (and I think I'm not alone here). And although there is not much, or actually anything, I can do about the cold weather, I can make myself feel a bit warmer. Not only by wearing warm a sweater, as you can see above, but also by planning the summer holiday! Dylan and I have decided to make a city trip to Prague this summer and we've already booked a flight and an appartment. I'm soooo excited about it! I only hear good stories about the city, it is pretty and supposedly 'cheap' to stay, since they use a different currency than the euro in Czech Republic. Besides a week in Prague, I will also spend a week with my family in the south of Spain. I've never been there so I'm also very much looking forward to that. Even talking about these lovely trips makes me feel warm on the inside haha.

And that's it for now, enjoy your weekend!